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INVESTBANK Extends its Environmental CSR Support to Ghour Al Mazra’a in Cooperation with the Zikra Initiative

Mon, 12/19/2016

INVESTBANK, the leading bank in providing innovative banking solutions, announced their partnership with the Zikra initiative to support an environmental project in Ghor al Mazra’a area.

This initiative aims to improve environmental sustainability and help minimize the agricultural waste through increasing the value of the tomatoes produce. As well as, support the local community that is considered one of the highest poverty pockets in Jordan.

INVESTBANK CEO Muntaser Dawwas said: “ We have captured the importance of contributing in environmental project and would like to extend this success to Ghor al Mazra’a area. Through this initiative we aim to sustain an economic-environmental project to benefit the residents of the underprivileged area and help them to run a viable production line and monetize their products.”

He added: “We believe in the great work Zikra is doing, through which it aspires to change the giver-receiver concept and replace it with one based on mutual respect and cooperation. That’s why we at INVESTBANK, which has carried out several CSR initiatives across the Kingdom to support marginalized communities, believe they are the perfect partners to be entrusted with this important undertaking to achieve sustainable development in a much deserving area.”

Zikra Initiative General Manager, Rabee Zureikat commented: “We are glad to build a strategic partnership with invest bank to establish a project that would invest the excess of the tomato produce in Sothern Ghor , that led through many years to major economic losses for local farmers and their families. In addition, the local market in Jordan is reflecting considerable demand for local, high quality tomato products , as alternative local resources are limited”.

Zikra initiative, which has been operating in the Karak governorate for years and is aware of the challenges facing the local community there, will be responsible for selecting the farmers. The funding that INVESTBANK will extend will enable Zikra to establisha workshopcaravan set up on the organization’s premises—to train the female residents of the area on the safest and most hygienic methods to dry tomatoes and create an effective production line.

To reach this stage, the ladies will learn to operate the machines to produce dried tomatoes, dried tomato powder, tomato puree, pizza sauce, and tomato vinegar. A company will be hired to package and label the final products, while a salesperson will be responsible for carrying out field visits to market the products.

Zikra Initiative is based on a new form of tourism that changes existing social systems and progresses towards more inclusive societies. Zikra's exchange tourism focuses on engaging both, economically powerful urban communities and residents of underprivileged areas, in a two-way equal exchange in which each side learns and contributes. The tourism revenue is invested in the marginalized communities' economic development, thus narrowing the gap further.