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INVESTBANK credit cardholders continue to benefit, now it's school tuition fees

Thu, 07/20/2017

As part of its continued effort to offer its clients unparalleled added value, INVESTBANK recently launched its “Win Back Your School Tuition Fees” campaign, which offers the bank’s clients the opportunity to enter a draw to win the school tuition fee paid using their INVESTBANK credit card.

Launched on Sunday, July 16, the campaign will allow four lucky cardholders to win back school tuition fees of up to JOD 10,000 paid via any INVESTBANK credit card

“This campaign builds on our continued effort to provide our clients, especially our credit card holders, with exclusive benefits that deliver measurable added value and fit their needs and lifestyles,” commented INVESTBANK’s CEO, Muntaser Dawwas. “Our primary objective is to provide clients with innovative products and offers that simplify and reward the way they manage their finances, all the while enjoying exclusive benefits that substantially improve their overall experience.”

One of the key benefits of the “Win Back Your School Tuition Fees” campaign is that it provides yet another incentive to clients to utilize their credit cards to pay school tuition fees, which remains the fastest and most convenient method to settle large payments. The campaign also constitutes one of many advantages to owning an INVESTBANK credit card, which include an unprecedented 2 percent cash back program on all purchases as well as highly flexible payment plans that start at 0 percent and offered to all credit card holders.