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INVESTBANK Announces Winners of Travel Savings Account competition

Mon, 03/31/2014

INVESTBANK, the leading bank in client relations, announced the winners of the Travel Savings Account competition, during a ceremony held at the Bank’s headquarters.

The one month competition was held on the Bank’s official Facebook page, involving questions regarding this new product and other general questions pertaining to travel. The four winners have received JOD 250 each in their new Travel Savings Account.

The winners expressed their pleasure for winning the competition, emphasizing their confidence in INVESTBANK and its excellent banking services that meet their various needs.

With the Travel Savings Account, clients are able to start saving with each purchase they make with their Visa Electron Card. The purchasing amount  will be rounded to the nearest JOD 5 or JOD 10, and the difference will be transferred automatically from the client’s current account to  the Travel Savings Account. Clients will enjoy accessing their savings any time throughout the year and most importantly when it’s time to travel.