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Mon, 05/22/2017

INVESTBANK, the leading bank in providing innovative banking solutions, recently announced the names of the winners of the Bank’s savings account campaign, with each lucky winner receiving JOD 25,000 in cash.

The draw, which was held at INVESTBANK’s headquarters, was attended by a number of the bank’s top management team and employees, and draw announced the joint account of Ibrahim Zaza and Abdul Hakim Zaza and and Moassast al Fekra AL Handaseya/ Amjad Matalqa as the two prize winners.

“INVESTBANK is committed to provide innovative financial tools hence our iSaver 1 and our award winning savings product Tip Your Kids are popular among our clients, ” commented INVESTBANK CEO Muntaser Dawwas. ” Congratulations to our winners!”

INVESTBANK continues to meet all the financial wants and needs of its clients with diverse financial tools savings products, allowing them to benefit from distinct solutions.

The winner, Ibrahim Zaza, has expressed his appreciation to INVESTBANK for the various products that meet client’s expectations, including the savings accounts.