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INVESTBANK announces Auto Safe Deposit Box Winner

Thu, 07/23/2015

INVESTBANK, the leading bank in providing innovative banking solutions, announced Sa’ed Al-Budairi as the winner of the exclusive Auto Safe Deposit Box for one year. The raffle was a result of the Bank’s sponsorship of The Qyard restaurant at Al Qasr Metropole Hotel, during the holy month of Ramadan; where anyone who reserved entered the draw.

INVESTBANK CEO, Muntaser Dawwas commented on the sponsorship, saying: “Through its sponsorship of The Qyard restaurant, the Bank is keen to sustain communication with all clients on different occasions, as well as showcasing the exclusive “Auto Safe Deposit Box”.

“INVESTBANK is the first and only bank in Jordan to offer this unique product, which is a worldwide technologically advanced solution. We are offering this unprecedented product to our clients as part of the bank’smission to satisfy the untapped demandour target group’s lifestyle.” he added.

The Chief of operations at ATICO Fakhreldin Group, AzzamFakhreldin , said that the administration of Al Qasr Metropole Hotel partnered with INVESTBANK presenting this valuable award to The Qyard restaurant clients during the holy month of Ramadan.. Fakhreldin also pointed out that such partnerships strengthen and enhance private sector relationships.

Among the most prominent advantages of the Auto Safe Deposit Box, provided by INVESTBANK, is that the product is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and during public holidays. The client can access their belongings at any time and day of the year

INVESTBANK strategically placed this service in key branches; Abdoun, Mecca Street, Emmar Towers and Shmeisani. There are three sizes of the Auto Safe Deposit Box; small, medium, large and extra-large which clients are able to access using highly secure conditions.