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INVESTBANK and ZAIN Jordan Sign Cooperation Agreement

Sun, 11/20/2011

The agreement which took place at INVESTBANK headquarters was signed between Mr. Muntaser Dawwas INVESTBANK CEO and Mr. Ahmad Hanandeh Zain Jordan CEO.

According to the agreement, Zain, through its highly sophisticated MPLS network, and a its nationwide fiber optics and wireless coverage, will provide high-speed Internet services and data connectivity solutions to connect the Bank's headquarters with various branches.

Mr. Dawwas expressed his satisfaction in signing this agreement which in turn will strengthen the bank's credibility by providing a complete range of financial services in the Jordanian market through adopting the latest technology and applying the best service to its clients

He added: "INVESTBANK is continuously looking for means to implement new advanced technologies such as this provided by Zain that will ultimately reflect on improving performance reducing costs and developing the level of services presented to individuals and the business sector."

For his part, Mr. Hanandeh stressed on the important role played by the banking sector in managing the daily work of clients which requires focusing on utilizing the latest technologies to increase the efficiency and productivity for this sector.

He added: "We at Zain support the technical advancement of the banking sector in particular and with developing services to the society at large. These solutions are part of Zain's activity in providing its services to the banking sector; Zain is linked with several banks through which the company facilitated financial transactions digitally and contributed to raising the level of services presented by banks to their customers."