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INVESTBANK and Petra National Trust Inspire Sculptures in Support for the world Heritage Site, Petra

Mon, 02/27/2017

INVESTBANK, the leading bank in providing innovative banking solutions, supported a unique fundraising dinner and sculpture exhibition in partnership with Petra National Trust (PNT), as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for the second consecutive year. Held at Esaki last Tuesday, with a full house in attendance, the fundraising exhibition showcased the inspirational works by renowned artists Katia Al Tal, Anees Ma’ani and Hazem Nemrawi, as well as 40 of Petra’s youth, and benefitted PNT’s extensive cultural heritage programs that work to preserve Petra’s and Jordan’s rich heritage. At the fundraiser, a number of the participating artists from Petra were able to expound on their work as well as share their stories with attendees. The Rose-Red City of Petra, one of the world’s most recognizable and dominating sites, is an extraordinary testament to the thriving Nabatean civilization that inhabited the area, and was showcased during the event. The shared passions of all the artists, young and old, were clearly reflected in their desire to express themselves through their works, reviving the colors of the desert and the impressive archeological creations of the Nabateans.

HRH Princess Dana Firas, president of the board of Petra National Trust commented, “At Petra National Trust, we work to preserve and celebrate our rich heritage. Sculpture is considered the oldest surviving record of ancient civilizations, heritage and traditions. This event celebrated the importance of sculpture throughout our history and supports the youth of Petra to encourage their creativity, innovative expression and a sense of identity rooted in their rich and diverse past. We thank INVESTBANK for their support to enable these young leaders to showcase and preserve their heritage.”

Commenting on the exhibition, INVESTBANK CEO Muntaser Dawwas said, “Our Corporate Social Responsibility is dedicated to innovatively engage with our community and continue our support of PNT and its mission. This creative fundraising dinner not only showcased the different forms of expression but also offered us a taste of Nabatean-inspired food.”

This fundraising event was the second time that INVESTBANK and PNT partnered together, having previously held the “Brushstrokes from Petra” Art Exhibition in May 2016. Through its Sun Fund CSR program, INVESTBANK reaches out through unconventional initiatives that create inventive results that have lasting economic, social and environmental impact and promote a sense of belonging within the local communities.

Since its inception in 1989, PNT has been deeply committed to fostering a sense of identity rooted in the country’s rich archeological legacy, an understanding of the significance of heritage preservation, civic engagement principles and understanding of economic opportunities related to culture and heritage.