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INVESTBANK and Kinz Jordan Sign Partnership Agreement for Data Use

Mon, 03/24/2014

March 24, 2014: INVESTBANK, the leading bank in client relations announces its partnership agreement during a ceremony held at the Bank’s headquarters with Kinz, a leading company in providing information and corporate data.

This agreement is considered one of the most important partnerships with a leading financial institution in the corporate sector and a highly specialized provider. The agreement provides INVESTBANK with “usage rights” for a wide range of Kinz’s data for the Bank’s internal use. This move aims at refining and filtering companies’ data and arriving at a more accurate database in Jordan.

General Manager of INVESTBANK Mr. Muntaser Dawwas said that “This agreement gives INVESTBANK access to a wide client base, a key step in providing all that is new, in remaining at forefront of service delivery excellence, and in always achieving more.”

Dawwas considered this innovative step in the information technology world to be an important service that will allow the Bank to develop products and services that meet clients’ needs, from large corporations to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Our clients have become accustomed to INVESTBANK providing all that is new and of significant value in the banking sector. Dawwas pointed out that obtaining an accurate database for the Bank will inevitably lead to better quality services, while keeping the bank closer to its clients and their needs.

Dawwas emphasized INVESTBANK’s keenness on always providing the best for all of its clients, adding, “The climb to the summit of excellence and distinction may be easy, but the exclusivity and maintenance of this quest requires constantly striving for differentiation and innovation; advancing with more achievements, and progress in providing the most modern services.”

CEO of Kinz Mr. Marwan Juma emphasized that INVESTBANK will benefit from this agreement, as it will allow the Bank to identify their target client categories, enrich their client base, and provide a scientific perspective strengthening their position in the local banking sector. Mr. Juma pointed out that the agreement will also provide the Bank with credible information in order for them to reach a wide client base and achieve their primary business objectives.

Commenting on the agreement, Mr. Juma said that, “At Kinz, we are actively seeking to update market information in a credible way for the business world across a large and diverse group of industries through one single source of information. We look forward to supporting INVESTBANK’s investment growth in order to boost the Bank’s competitive ability through fully taking advantage of value-added information.”

It is noteworthy that INVESTBANK offers an online service “iBank Corporate” to its corporate clients, which facilitates the process of managing accounts in terms of cash and payments.