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INVESTBANK 2014 profits reach JD 15.9 millionr

Sun, 02/01/2015

 AMMAN, February, 2015 – INVESTBANK, the leading bank in providing innovative banking solutions, announced a 4 percent increase in profits for 2014. The bank’s profit for 2014 reached JOD 15.9 million, accounting to JOD 12.4 million after tax.   


INVESTBANK’s Chairman, Bisher Jardaneh, stated that the bank’s exceptional performance in 2014 demonstrated?? High operational efficiency and revenue generation  on a solid strategic plan INVESTBANK has embarked on several years ago, which is currently reaping fruit.

INVESTBANK’s Board is expected to distribute 7 percent of profits among shareholders during April’s General Assembly Meeting.

Jardaneh restated his confidence in the bank’s management demonstrated in its successful investors, clients and employees – all supporting INVESTBANK’s mission to offer the best bespoke products for its customers. Jardaneh also commended the bank’s policy in supporting the national economy and contributing to Jordan’s economic development and prosperity. 

INVESTBANK’s achievements are also highly visible through its CSR activities and initiatives, which focus on community empowerment and sustainable development.

The bank’s financial reports, currently awaiting Central Bank’s sign-off, show significant increase in client deposits from JD 518 million in 2013 to 561 million last year; an 8.4 percent growth of JD 43 million. In addition, direct credit facilities have increased by 6 percent reaching JD 457 million in 2014, opposed to a 7.5 percent drop in bad credit facilities last year compared to 11.6 percent in 2013, which demonstrates the bank’s solid risk management, collection and follow up policies.           

Moreover, IP has grown by 5 percent reaching JD 146.2 million last year, opposed to 139.5 million in 2013.