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Al IMDAD a subsidiary of INVESTBANK is specialized in trade financing and supply chain logistics

Sun, 01/01/2012

INVESTBANK announced the establishment of its second subsidiary Al IMDAD ?specialized in trade financing and supply chain logistics for traders and manufacturers.?

According to Mohamad Shahin, Al IMDAD CEO, the company targets SMEs, in the ?trading and manufacturing sectors, through financing imported goods or raw materials ?and provide the logistical support necessary to complete the process of manufacturing or ?selling.?

Mr. Shahin said:" The philosophy behind Al IMDAD is to utilize the goods as collateral ?for financing. Goods are financed and stored in the company's bonded warehouses or ?duty paid warehouses. Payments for the financed goods can be settled when ?withdrawing the goods from the warehouses.” ?

Mr. Shahin stressed that Al IMDAD seeks to facilitate trade operations for clients ?through providing complete solutions which include financing, warehousing and ?delivering the goods to market, allowing clients to focus on producing and or selling the ?goods, and in turn growing their businesses.. ?

Consequently, Al IMDAD joins INVESTBANK’s other subsidiaries which include ?Mawared for Brokerage and Tamkeen Leasing. ?

The establishment of Al IMDAD is another evidence of the constant paced development ?of the Bank's work in its pursuit to provide best banking solutions to meet the needs and ?requirements of its clients.?