15% cash back when using your credit card during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Campaign terms and conditions:

  1. Campaign starts from the 5th of May 2019 till 3rd June 2019.
  2. This campaign includes all existing current and new active retail segment INVESTBANK credit cards issued in Jordanian Dinar currency.
  3. This campaign is applicable for all credit cards issued for personal use only, corporate credit cards and/ or credit cards with business usage will be excluded from the campaign.
  4. One daily winner will get 15% cash back on all their credit card spending posted and transferred by merchant during the holy month of Ramadan
  5. The 15% cash back will be computed as 2% booked by the end of each Cycle (May / June).
  6. The extra 13% cash back will be credited at the end of the June cycle (17th of June, 2019).
  7. Credit card holders will have an equal chance of winning. i.e. one card usage is equal to one chance.
  8. Maximum value of the cash back per winner will be JD1,500 or Card limit whichever is lower.
  9. Credit card should be active on the date of disbursing the extra cash back.
  10. Any chances calculated on transactions made on supplementary cards will be accumulated and counted as chances on the client primary card.
  11. Daily draw will be based on previous day usage of credit card.
  12. Monday draw will cover three winners, Friday / Saturday / and Sunday each week during the campaign period.
  13. Reversed transactions will be excluded from the calculation.
  14. Winners should have no over dues on delinquent on any facilities granted by INVESTBANK.
  15. Relatives of employees of the Bank and its subsidiaries are included in the draw.
  16. Staff and subsidiaries’ staff are excluded.
  17. Winners will be notified, contacted by phone or e-mail as per the contact details available at the bank. And if in any case the data was inaccurate or wrong or if the winners did not respond within 3 working days, then the bank has the right to cancel his prize and choose another winner.
  18. The bank has the right to announce the winner in any way they see appropriate whether writing winner’s name or sharing his picture and whoever disagree will be disqualified and cannot redeem the cash back.
  19. Transactions made with the Flexible Payment Plan program will be excluded from the cash back.
  20. INVESTBANK has the right to terminate this campaign at any time and upon announcing its termination in any way.